Back to Cali

The hard week of Nor-Am racing is over. In the second Slalom at Loveland I crashed pretty hard in the first run. We had packed up that morning so drove around three hours to the St. Moritz lodge in Aspen straight after the race. The next two GS races at Aspen Mountain were probably the most challenging two GS races I have ever done, due to the icy conditions and non stop terrain. The Women had raced a World Cup there the day before us. The first day I fell and didn’t qualify for second run. The second I made both runs but not with great times which was disappointing. Looking forward to our next set of races in Jackson which will be less intense.  Anyway that afternoon we drove 6 hours to Provo, Utah where we spent the night. Then continued the drive through Nevada, arriving in Truckee around 7.00pm to Jake Scannell’s house who has kindly let me crash at his place for the week, as I haven’t actually found somewhere to live yet.  Also a couple of Kiwi friends, Harrison Steedman and the Prebbles are coming out to join us later today. Super exciting!

Aspen Nor-Am, GS inspection

1 thought on “Back to Cali

  1. Adam, nice blog and keep up the hard work. WIth the new boot and tuning set up you should be more comfortable on the injected surface.

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