Merry Christmas!!

The slalom races at Steamboat Springs began with a later start for the first run followed by a night race for the second run which was great fun.  Day two slalom was similar snowy conditions, finishing the race with an ok result. From Steamboat Springs we travelled a couple of hours to Winter Park for two Giant Slalom and two Super G races.  Winter Park is much higher altitude at around 3,650m so racing took a little extra energy.  It snowed heavily the night before the first race and there was a lot of fresh snow on the course that had to be slipped before we could start.  With weather conditions and having to fit in a lot of races for men and women, the Super G races got put together on one day.

After what was overall a successful week for many of the Sugar Bowl Athletes, we packed up and headed out on the long trip home! 17 hours back to Truckee! After battling snow.. fog.. ice… crossing deer…. and finally after losing half the ski pod off the roof…. we stopped for the night in Salt Lake City at around 4am, then continued on back to Truckee.

Looking forward to training with the new set up of my equipment on the injected snow at Race Arena, Sugar Bowl!

Our Thule Box that is now somewhere between Winter Park & Salt Lake.. No gear was lost luckily

A long journey!

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