Welcome 2011

After a very brief break at Christmas, we got straight back into training.  However lots of heavy snow falls led to a couple of epic powder days. A great Christmas and New Year’s celebrations with good friends has been the best possible way to finish 2010 and start 2011!

Sugar Bowl off Lincoln Chair

We spent a short time digging out the water cannons on race arena so the hill could be watered. With a solid surface, training before we left for Utah was perfect. We left Truckee early (Friday 7th) for a week of racing at Park City and Snowbird,  It was a very good series of races with tough competition. For the most part snow conditions where incredible. Especially Park City. I was stoked to score my first result for the season in Slalom. After the last race, we headed back home to Truckee, straight back into a morning of slalom training in readiness for two days of slalom racing at Sugar Bowl Western Region Open.  (16th, 17th January)

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