First stop, Panorama.

My Summer is almost over and it’s been all four seasons in one with hot sunny days through to snow down to low levels.  It’s also probably the longest break I’ve had in a while and it’s been terrific! Have worked hard on my fitness to build up muscle/strength with a pretty wide variety of activities and put on a few much needed kilos.  Many hours spent at the gym – thanks once again Lakes Leisure Gym for your continued support. Also thanks to Bruce Grant Youth Trust, Skeggs Foundation and the Wanaka Ski & Snowsports Club for being such great supporters.

Moke Lake, Queenstown

I’m due to fly out of Queenstown on the 25th on my way to Panorama, Canada where I will start training and my first races for the season.  Check in again for my next update from the Northern Hemisphere.

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