Alpine Athlete of the Year

The Snow Sports NZ Annual Awards Night presented by were held last night (Friday 4 October 2013) and encompassed an 18 month time frame including the 2012 Southern Hemisphere Season, the 2012/2013 Northern Hemisphere season and the 2013 Southern Hemisphere season.  I was awarded the Alpine Athlete of the Year Award.

Alpine Athlete of the Year

slackboots1Working hard at the gym as I hope to gain a couple of kilos along with strength and fitness ready to start the Northern Hemisphere season which is coming up way too quickly.  The first races of the season in Colorado will be NorAm races at Loveland 23-26 November.  Tomorrow I’m off to Mt Hutt for a technical camp to help get us up to speed for arriving in the States where overseas athletes have been training in areas such as Chile.

Time now to sort out gear – trying to wear in new liners to a slightly less painful fit and ended up having a play on the slackline. sourcing airfares, travel arrangements and grabbing the last bit of spring “warmth” before heading off to another winter.

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