Copper Mountain Races

The first races of the season began today with a busy day, two FIS men’s super combi races at Copper Mountain. Really long day with the Super G inspection starting at 7.00am for the first race starting at 8.00am on the U.S. Ski Team Speed track. With blue sky and good snow conditions it felt great to be racing again.  Second run super g went better unfortunately still not fast enough to make the flip for the slalom runs.

us ski team photo 10 nov

US Ski Team photo of the super g course, Copper Mountain

The slalom section of the races got under way at 2.15pm with the final  race run not finishing until 4.00pm. They went reasonably well for me I just need to let it run a little more, especially on the grippy surface.  Staying hydrated and getting plenty to eat was a big part to maintaining energy and focus throughout the day.

slalom 2nd run

Finish area for all races – this from the 2nd slalom run 10th November.

Skeggs FoundationAlso like to say a big thank you to Skeggs Foundation for their continued support.  They do a fantastic job in helping athletes in the Otago area.

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