2014 Olympics – Sochi, Russia

Final count down is on as I pack my bags ready for the journey to Russia!  I will arrive in the early hours of the morning which I’m not looking forward to but I will be in Sochi in time for the opening ceremony which will be an amazing experience.

There are complicated regulations around what athletes can and can not do during the Olympics. Because of this I may not post a great deal over the next few weeks but hopefully I can get a few pictures to put up here or at least on my facebook athlete page.

I have had an amazing journey getting to where I am today and it would not have been possible without the support and generosity of so many people, sponsors and coaches along the way, thank you one and all, and especially my parents, Marty and Anne and my coach Nils Coberger. sochi 2014 sochi night  olympic flags olympic villages     olympic village

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