and A Happy New Year from Austria

It has been a great training and racing block in Colorado but time to head over to Europe.  Had our final two races at Steamboat Springs 21st and 22nd December with the first race being a night slalom which was a lot of fun.

Steamboat Springs night slalom 21 Dec

Steamboat Springs night slalom 21 Dec

NorAm 18 Dec

NorAm 18th December, Vail

Training GS

Training GS – Photo by Chris Mcknight

We flew out of Denver 23rd and arrived into Munich Christmas eve then drove through to Austria where we will be based for the next few months.

Today we took a trip to the HEAD factory to pick up some new skis, so looking forward to getting them prepped up and seeing how they ski!

Many thanks to everyone for a great 2013, wishing you all a Merry Christmas and great new year!

Farewell Panorama, and a Merry Christmas Austria

NorAm racing began at Panorama after just two weeks on snow.  During training I have been working to improve my tactics but in the races found myself struggling to put it into practice. I feel success at Panorama comes from having a very direct, tidy line and no mistakes! The slalom races were on a very steep tough hill, especially when starting bib 75. The first day of Slalom was difficult but it was definitely good training to be there. Two thirds of the field departed in the first run and day two was not much better.  I managed to finish 37th position on the second day

Noram start, Panorama

Start gate NorAms Panorama

Super G races were great, I would have liked to have been faster but it wasn’t too bad – picked up a few points both runs, need to spend more time training on SG skis.  Unfortunately with the GS made a few mistakes from start 71 but again managed to finish in 35th spot. Following the NorAm races we had a day off to rest with lots of ski preparation and packing our gear so we were ready to leave for Europe as soon as the last race of the next FIS series was over.  Two days each of slalom and GS which I again found pretty frustrating with too many mistakes.  My final day of slalom was a little better, skied to my points, so close!

NorAm GS day 2, Panorama

NorAm GS day 2, Panorama

We left Panorama and began the long tiring journey to Europe via Calgary, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Munich then driving on to where I am based in Leogang, Austria – arriving just in time for Christmas Eve!

Ski poles from Komperdell for Christmas

Ski poles for Christmas! Thanks Komperdell

I hope everyone is well and had a wonderful Christmas!