Loveland Races

On the weekend we had a couple of FIS races at Loveland. In the Slalom race I did ok in the first run and came 3rd on the second, putting me into 8th position overall, which I was happy with. It will also help bring down my world ranking.

The gs wasn’t so good for me. Although I did fine in the first run, later on the sun came out and the track glazed up making for some fast runs from the back of the pack.

Unfortunately in the second run team mate Willis Feasey dislocated a shoulder so will be out for at least the week. Hoping he has a fast recovery!

So for now I have two days off to prepare myself for 4 days of training, then our final block of races in America, beginning on December 17th with Slalom Nor-Ams at Vail.

Single leg Romanian dead lifts

Single leg Romanian dead lifts