Southern Hemisphere 2018

ANC Yellow Bib – Giant Slalom plus Overall Yellow Bib

7th September 2018 – Cardrona GS 2nd

7th September 2018 – Cardrona GS 2nd

Overall National Champion 2018

5th Sept 2018 – National Champs Mt Hutt – Super G – 2nd

14th August 2018 – National Championships Coronet Peak – Slalom 1st

12th September 2018 – National Championships Coronet Peak – Giant Slalom 1st


Southern Hemisphere 2017

Snow Sports Alpine Athlete of the Year 2016/17

ANC Yellow Bib – Slalom

21st Aug 2017 – Thredbo, Australia ANC GS – 1st (6.0 points PB)

10th Aug 2017 National Champs Slalom title – Coronet Peak

7th Aug 2017 National Champs GS – 2nd

Northern Hemisphere 2016 – 17

8th Apr 2017 – Aspen CO, GS 1st (9.0 points PB)

7th Apr 2017 – Aspen CO, GS 1st (9.8 points PB)

6th Apr 2017 – Aspen CO, Super G 1st (10.08 points PB)

12th Dec 2016 – Panorama Canada – NorAm Super G 3rd (19.36 points PB)

New Zealand 2016

National Championships – 2nd in Super G (6th September, Mt Hutt)
Yellow Bib for Slalom, ANC Cup series (Mt Hotham 25th, 26th Aug, finals at Coronet 31st Aug, 1st Sept)
National Championships – 1st in Slalom (10th August Coronet Peak)
National Championships – 2nd in GS (8th Aug Coronet Peak)
2nd in the first gs race of the season at Cardrona 1st August

USA/EUROPE 2015 – 16

21st December –  Panorama Canada    Slalom 2nd

Slalom race, Echo Mountain

20th December – Panorama Canada     GS 1st (15.47)

23rd November – Echo Mountain, CO     Slalom 3rd

22nd November – Echo Mountain  Slalom   1st (15.08)

New Zealand 2015

4th September – Treble Cone   Slalom – 3rd overallbib

September – ANC Finals Coronet Peak – Yellow Bib Slalom

September – ANC Finals Coronet Peak – Yellow Bib Overall

24th August – ANC Perisher, AUS slalom – 17.43 points

11 August – Coronet Peak Nationals GS 3rd

9th August – Coronet Peak Slalom 2nd

USA/Europe 2014 – 15

25th  January 2015 – Eldora, USA 4th Slalom – 19 pointsNorquay Slalom Dec 2014

23rd January 2015 – Aspen, USA.  Super G – 2nd

23rd January 2015 – Aspen, USA.  Super G – 3rd

6th December, 2014 – Norquay, Canada Slalom – 1st

New Zealand 2014

October 2014 – Alpine Athlete of the Year Award 2014

6th September 2014 – Winner yellow Bib, slalom ANC Series

19th August, 2014 – Coronet Peak, National Slalom Champion

17th August, 2014 – Coronet Peak, National Champs GS 2nd

Europe 2014

24th January, 2014 – Selected for Winter Olympics, Sochi2014 Olympics
Gaal, Austria trophy13th January – Gaal, Austria  Slalom – 2nd (20.48)

New Zealand 2013

4th October – Alpine Athlete of the Year Award 2013

20th September – Overall NZ Alpine Champion 2013Ian McLean Adam Barwood

19th September – Mt Hutt, ANC Super Combined – 2nd overall.  1st AUS/NZL yellow bib

31st August – Coronet Peak, National Champs, GS – 1st

30th August – Coronet Peak, National Champs slalom – 1st

1st August – Cardrona Giant Slalom – scored 22.20

30th July – Treble Cone. 1st Slalom – scored 17.35

Northern Hemisphere 2012-13:  Europe

1st April 2013 – British National Junior Champs, Meribel France – 3rd GS, 4th Slalom

5th March 2013 – scored 29.58 at Stari vrh, Slovenia in giant slalom, cup for 5th

2nd March 2013 – scored 25.28 at Mutters, Austria in slalomadam in kleinlombog 2nd

5th, 6th February 2013 – scored 29.58 and 28.67 at Piesendorf, Austria in slalom

24 January 2013 – 2nd place Slalom at Hinterstoder, Austria

23 January 2013 – Scored PB slalom points at Stari vrh, Slovenia:  32.78

New Zealand 2012

30 – 31 August:  NZ National Championships

Overall New Zealand National Alpine Champion

National Slalom Champion – Open

National Slalom Champion – Junior

Giant Slalom – 3rd Open, 2nd Junior

15th – 18th August – picked up three trophies during the Japanese FIS Series from a combination of the 2 x GS and 2 x Slalom:  Bruce Grant Cup, Wiggley Cup and the Coronet Cup

USA 2011 – 2012

Sugar Bowl, California – West Region FIS Open

1st – Slalom 11th April 2012

1st – Slalom 10th April 2012

3rd – Slalom 10th April 2012

2nd – Giant Slalom 9th April 2012

Vail, Colorado – Surefoot Colorado Ski Cup

3rd – Slalom 6th April 2012 scored 33.64

Schweitzer, Idaho – WR Junior Championships

1st – Slalom 5th March 2012

Squaw Valley – West Region FIS

3rd – Giant Slalom, 25th February 2012

Snow King, Wyoming – Wild West Classic Elite FIS

1st – Slalom, 21st February 2012

Park City – Western Region Tech Series

1st – Giant Slalom, 29th January (under 20)

2nd – Giant Slalom, 28th January (under 20)

Winter Park – FIS University of Denver Invitational

3rd – Slalom, 15th January (under 20)

Breckenridge – Surefoot Colorado FIS Cup

3rd – Slalom, 12th January – (under 20)

Snow King, Wyoming – Western FIS Open

1st – Giant Slalom, 5th January

2nd – Giant Slalom, 6th January

1st – Slalom, 7th January

2nd – Slalom, 8th January

Steamboat Springs – Surefoot Cup

2nd – Slalom, 20th December  ( 35.44 points).

2nd – Slalom, 21st December

New Zealand 2011 Season


Giant Slalom   33.76       Slalom  37.77       Super G   53.76          Super Comb  78.83

Winner –  Best Junior Snowvision/Formthotics Scholarship 2011

National Championships:  (2nd – 3rd September 2011)

1st – Giant Slalom National Junior Champion  (2nd open category)

2nd – Slalom National Championships

Wanaka Tech Series 1st – 5th August

1st Giant Slalom, Treble Cone – 4th August (31.81 points)

2nd Slalom Cardrona – 2nd August (36.41 points)

3rd Giant Slalom Cardrona – 1st August

Northern Hemisphere 2010/11

Slalom 3rd – Steamboat Springs, Surefoot race, 20 February.  35.00 points result on 21 Feb

New Zealand 2010 Season

At the close of the New Zealand 2010 season I am happy with my results and rankings after a good year.  I am currently ranked 1st Junior in Slalom and Giant Slalom and 3rd open in New Zealand after Ben Griffin and Tim Cafe for slalom and giant slalom.  I have won the New Zealand Junior Title for slalom and giant slalom two years in a row.


GIANT SLALOM    37.71      SLALOM  43.52     SUPER G  59.55

New Zealand National Championships

Coronet Peak 31st July, 1st September 2010

Picked up six medals (3 gold, 2 silver and a bronze) plus two trophies

National NZ Champion Giant Slalom Junior (under 20) scored 35.10 result

National NZ Champion Slalom Junior (under 20)

Overall Junior Winner for Giant Slalom on 31st July

Overall Junior for Slalom 3rd – 1st September

NZ Championships Giant Slalom open – 2nd

NZ Championships slalom open – 2nd

NZ Championships Super G – 3rd

Adam Barwood junior winner, Jon Olsson open winner

Giant Slalom – 31st July 2010

Wanaka Tech Series 28th – 31st July 2010

Slalom 1st (u20) Cardrona 28th July (scored 40.31)

Giant Slalom 1st (open), 1st (u20) Cardrona 29th July (scored 40.73)

Giant Slalom 1st (open), 1st (u20) Treble Cone 30th July

Slalom 2nd (open) 1st (u20) Treble Cone 31st July

Winner Markby Cup – Mens Overall

Northern Hemisphere 2009/2010 Results to date:

Slalom – 3rd (Juniors Under 20) Sugar Bowl, USA   ( 3rd January 2010)

Giant Slalom – 2nd Northstar at Tahoe, USA   (23rd February 2010)

Lowered FIS (Federation of International Skiing) points – now 45 in Giant Slalom and 56 in Slalom.

Awarded Central Otago Junior Sportsman of the Year 2009

New Zealand Winter 2009

Member of the National Ski Team, training with the National Development Team, spending time between Mt Hutt and Coronet Peak for training.

National Junior Championship Titles 2009

Giant Slalom Champion – 1st

Slalom  Champion – 1st

Super G – 3rd

During the Queenstown Winter Games – (ANC Cup Australia New Zealand Continental Cup) Adam was the first New Zealander in Slalom and second New Zealander in Giant Slalom (90 athletes competed in the race,  from 20 different countries)


South Island Championships 2009

Giant Slalom – 2nd Open

Slalom – 3rd Open

Selected to represent New Zealand at the Junior World Championships in Germany, March 2009.

Northern Hemisphere International Results:

Training and racing in Canada December 2008 to February 2009


Norquay 3rd Jan:          Slalom 1st (under 20)  3rd Open,

Norquay 4th Jan:          Slalom 2nd

Apex 25th Jan:             Downhill 2nd (under 20), 4th overall

Pontiac Cup Norquay 9th Feb:    Slalom 2nd

Pontiac CupNorquay 10th Feb:   Slalom 1st


2008/9 Results

National Titles – Slalom (u/16 Boys) – 1st, (u/18 boys) – 3rd

National Titles – Giant Slalom (u/16 Boys) – 2nd, (u/18 boys) – 3rd.

Japanese FIS Southern Cup 2008 (Coronet Peak) – Coronet Cup –  3rd Slalom, 3rd combined slalom & giant slalom – there is no junior category so results are for first New Zealanders

2007 Results

National Title Giant Slalom (u16 Boys) – 1st

National Title Super G (1/16 boys) – 3rd

South Island Championship – Slalom 1st


2006 Results

Regional K2Cup 5 Aug Treble Cone, Slalom 2nd

6 Aug Treble Cone, Giant Slalom 1st

National K2 Cup 11 Aug Mt Hutt Giant Slalom 2nd

12 Aug Mt Hutt, Slalom 1st (also fastest boys’ time)

13 Aug Mt Hutt, Slalom 2nd

National K2 cup 15 Sept Cardrona, Giant Slalom 3rd

16 Sept Cardrona, Giant Slalom 3rd

17 Sept Cardrona, Slalom 3rd

18 Sept cardrona slalom 3rd

Overall National K2 Cup for 2006

1st Slalom

3rd Giant Slalom

South Island Championships 27th Sept Mt Hutt, Giant Slalom 2nd

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