Snow.Co.NZ Article 23rd February 2014

Mountain Scene Article 30th May 2013  January 2013

Snowsports Article 18 April 2012

Snowsports Article 24th February 2012

Article Sierra Sun, USA  24th January 2012

Article Otago Daily Times, 13th January 2012

Article in Otago Daily Times, 9th August, 2011

Article 8th August, 2011

Article in Otago Daily Times, 11 June 2011

Treble Cone Race Academy

ADAM BARWOOD –   FIS Results – shows all my races and results etc.

Live Timing –  follow Adam in races while they are happening

1.  Article from Mountain Scene, 9th September 2010

2. Article from the Sierra Sun, USA
3.  Article from Ski & Snow – 1st August 2010
4.  Article from

5.  Ski Racing New Zealand  – race calendar available here

6.  Mountain Scene article – Sportsman of the Year.

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